Unit 2 leaderhip and motivation assignment

But some workers act out of fear: Not everyone has the same type of character, interests, or goals. Select a multinational company and study its organizational structure in detail.

It manages flexibility of situation how the employees react to the organizational events.

Relationship Between Leadership And Culture

Placed below are topics of which you should select only one for writing a paper consisting of 30 typed pages. For example, if your roll number is D then you will select topic number 5 the last digit: Research into motivation techniques used by the organisation.

Your training tool should contain a minimum of 10 evaluation criteria.

Three Main Theories of Motivation

The following are some examples of questions. Elements common to both areas which influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours which may be employed include; The people involved, and their level of competence The nature of the task routine or out of the ordinary The level of supervision the task requires The number of people required to achieve a task Where the task needs to be performed How the task is to be performed What level of priority is involved In an emergency incident additional factors which must be considered are; The time available in which a task needs completing Unit 2 leaderhip and motivation assignment level and nature of the risks involved In the day to routine elements of the job working patterns and activities can be fairly predictable and so a variety of styles and behaviours may be appropriate depending on the bullet points listed above, but consultative, democratic and persuasive may be used in equal measure.

The Concept and Use of Developmental Groups pp. Select an organization from banking sector and observe how the management uses techniques and approaches for organizational development?

Master of Health Studies (MHST) 604

The different managerial functions your manager undertakes and how these can be affected by the culture of the organisation, objectives of the organisation, structure of the organisation and availability of resources within the organisation.

Hierarchy of Needs Psychologist Abraham Maslow developed this theory.

GB 6001 Unit 2 Assignment 2 Leadership Styles Effectiveness

As a leader, one should keep an open perspective on human nature. I should consciously assess my use of the persuasive style in favour of the consultative or democratic styles.

Select an organization broadcasting sector and observe how the management used different motivational strategies to motivate its employees? Evaluate ways organizational culture can be managed and promote ethics in an organization. What method will be the best for obtaining this information?

To answer a question effectively, address the question directly, bring important related issues into the discussion, refer to sources, and indicate how principles from the course materials apply. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Developing moral and team spirit certainly has a key impact on the well-being of an organization.

The first being the day to day running of a fire station which includes directing the work and training of a group of individuals, and secondly leading a response to emergency incidents. The constitution of culture can be improved as the employees and staff can share and communicate with the authorities regarding their problems and facilities.

BTEC Level 3 Public Services - Unit 2, Assignment 1 (Leadership styles)

This task leads to most of the AO2 marks — ensure your discussion here is clearly relevant to your business, is supported by your research and uses appropriate terminology when necessary.

However, I accept the results of the assessment in relation the application of the persuasive style and recognise that there is the potential for ignoring the application of the democratic style of leadership In previous roles I have applied the democratic style to good effect.

Disadvantages of this style could include slower decision making due to consultation, and the expectation of the team or individuals that they will always be consulted. You have just learned that your company is looking for ways to cut back expenses.

You should include the following sections; Overview of your chosen business showing an understanding of the environment in which your manager works. As well as deciding which style is appropriate for the situation, the leader should also be aware of the possible unintended consequences in relation to the team if the style is inappropriate for the situation or people involved.

What did you do or say to clarify the expectations? Define characteristics of effective leadership. Select a private organization and discuss how management handles groups and teams?

Advantages of this style may include securing team commitment to decisions and their implementation, which can be an aide to the development of the team and individuals, and increased morale. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

List and define specific non-functional self-centered group memberships roles. Your attendance and presentation of this assignment is compulsory without which you will fail in course, although you might be allowed to appear in the final examination, but required to pass the presentation in any case.

You realize that well trained employees perform their jobs more efficiently and consequently can contribute to higher productivity and profits for the company. These factors lead to the situation where the authoritative style appears very attractive because taken at face value it seems quick and easy.STP Unit 1 – Leadership and Motivation September 12 – October 5, Thursday evenings from p.m p.m.

AGC’s Supervisory Training Program Unit 1: Leadership and Motivation 30 September 12 – October 5, Level 3 ILM Leadership & Management explained. What the assignments are like, which ILM topics are covered and more See table at end for credit value of each assignment.

You’ll have tutorials to support you through your qualification. For ease, these are scheduled at the end of the training days. Leadership & Management Essentials. These constructive approaches can be very effective in motivating others and for long periods of time.

Different people can have quite different motivators, ‎ Understanding Motivation – ‎ Clearing Up Common Myths About. Assignment 2: Issue Paper – Focusing on a Healthcare Leadership Issue In this assignment students write an issue paper.

Students have the opportunity to integrate their experiences with the material covered in the course, and with additional literature, by preparing a paper on a current leadership issue – an issue that is important to the.

Assignment 2: An Effective Training Evaluation Plan | February 18, nstructions:In the online lectures in Module 3 and your textbook readings (“Training and Development”, Leadership”, and “Motivation, Job Satisfaction, and Job Involvement”) you learned about the importance of training your employees.

However, training is only. BOH4M - Unit 2 Name: _____ Mrs. Langdon LEADERSHIP ACTIVITY ASSIGNMENT Description This assignment is designed to assess your skills as a leader.

Working independently, you are to teach or lead the class through an activity or skill of your choice.

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Unit 2 leaderhip and motivation assignment
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