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CNN Key Races: Democrats' tough Senate map

Phil Bredesen, but Trump won the state by 26 points in Rich had support from 26 percent of those surveyed, and Johnson was at 16 percent. A lot of people around the state feel the same Senate race I do. Saturday, September 15th, at Ted Cruz, left, and Rep.

Whether that matters to Arizona voters is an open question. The one-hour debate, set to begin at 7 p. Nearly a decade ago, in fact, Sinema wrote an entire book explaining her shift away from hard-line politics to centrism.

Baxleywho said that the disappointment with Crist was "the kind of disappointment that's going to have people looking in other directions for leaders Republicans believe they landed a major hit on Donnelly when the Associated Press reported he profited from a family company outsourcing jobs to Mexico.

Poll: In New Mexico Senate race, Gary Johnson is leading the GOP candidate?

As long as he maintains his anti-tax platform, he'll be fine. Glossary of key terms Toss-up: He had support among 37 percent of that group, about seven points ahead of Heinrich, who was second. Yet her attacks on Sinema open the Republican up to questions about her own evolution as a politician.

In Arizona Senate race, a battle over political evolution

Establishment Republicans are now putting their faith in Rep. Republicans will try to tie Rep. But the GOP has struggled to recruit in some of these states, leaving Democrats feeling better about their prospects of retaining these seats. During the primary, when Sinema did not have a serious challenger in the primary and McSally was fighting two other Republicans for the nomination, Sinema led McSally in head-to-head polling by as much as 11 points.

Corey Stewart, Confederate symbols defender, wins GOP nomination in Virginia Senate race

North Dakota — Democratic Sen. Mike Lee, invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the race in the closing weeks.

The Florida Senate

Green party candidate seen as possible spoiler in tight Arizona Senate race The current spread has Sinema winning with a lead of 32, votes, which puts her 1.

Ostensibly as a reaction to Crist's veto of a controversial education bill that tied teacher's pay to their students' test scores, Crist's increasingly poor showing in the polls was widely speculated to have been a factor in Mack's decision.

One state where Republicans landed a top-tier candidate -- Missouri -- with state Attorney General Josh Hawley looking to challenge Sen.Wisconsin U.S. Senate race: High drama as Tammy Baldwin, Leah Vukmir clash over numerous issues in first debate The incumbent Democratic senator and her Republican challenger exchanged forceful.

Missouri’s nationally watched U.S. Senate race between Claire McCaskill and Josh Hawley will close as the perfect storm of Read more.

Arizona Senate race: Why it's taking so long to know the winner

Oct 17, Race turns nasty over sting videos. The Senate consists of 38 members who are elected by the qualified electors of districts having approximatelytoresidents. Senators are elected at the same time as the governor and serve 4-year terms concurrent with the governor's term of office.

Sep 21,  · Washington House race is about Trump, whether the candidates like it or not In Arizona Senate race, a battle over political evolution Photos: Puerto Rico still recovering 1. The United States Senate election in Florida took place on November 2,concurrently with other elections to the United States Senate in other states, as well as elections to the United States House of Representatives and various state and local elections.

Incumbent Republican Senator Mel Martínez, who was elected in a very close race against Democrat Betty Castor with 49% of the. When Mississippians head to the polls in November to elect their next United States senator their decision will have a profound effect on the rest of Washington, D.C., according to New Jersey Sen.

Cory Booker. Booker, a Democrat, was in Jackson to help raise money for Senate candidate Mike Espy on.

Senate race
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