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In a piece for which he apologized, he suggested that the Aurora shooter may have had a connection to the Tea Party. CNN International has run more than stories on Bahrain over the past six months, a large number of which were critical in tone and all of which meet the highest journalistic standards.

ABC News corrects bombshell Flynn report

Now at work on a book, Lyon began in August to make reference to "iRevolution" on her Twitter account, followed by more than 20, people. The first edition was broadcast from their studio in Hong Kongand the second edition was broadcast from their production centre in London.

In emails to her producers and executives, Lyon repeatedly asked to return to Bahrain. Because the documentary was already paid for by CNN, it would have been "free programming" for CNNi to broadcast, making it "highly unusual not to air it". The most recent CNN article heralding Bahrain's energy policies identifies him only as "president of Caspian Group Holdings, which has interests in green energy and infrastructure projects, and author of 'King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: Anna Coren was hired from Seven Network in Decemberand began presenting the third hour of the programme.

Her requests were denied, and she was never sent back. The line at CNNi between news and advertising is severely blurred by these arrangements, but the line only gets blurrier as its executives expand the scope of these income-generating opportunities in partnership with the world's most repressive regimes.

More importantly, the tidal wave news cnn business report CNNi's partnerships and associations news cnn business report the regime in Bahrain, and the hagiography it has broadcast about it see the accompanying commentary on the relationship between the network and the regimeappear to have overwhelmed any truly critical coverage.

That vital information, the information that the last place cable channel did not want its readers to know, is that Rivera has lived in this country illegally for four to seven years. Don't use weasel words to describe it. On 16 August, Lyon wrote three tweets about this episode.

A doctor who gave the crew a tour of his village and arranged meetings with government opponents, Saeed Ayyad, had his house burned to the ground shortly after. What the anti-Trump CNN does not want its readers to know, however, is that Rivera is an illegal alien who had no business being in the country.

Nolte — Very Fake News: CNN Doesn’t Report Mollie Tibbets’ Accused Murderer Is Illegal Alien

One long-time CNN employee to whom I have granted anonymity to avoid repercussions for negative statements about CNN's management described "iRevolution" as an "expensive, highly produced international story about the Arab Spring".

After Lyon's crew returned from Bahrain, CNN had no correspondents regularly reporting on the escalating violence.

The long-time CNN employee said that "iRevolution" was vetted far more heavily than the typical documentary: The anchoring lineups changed once again. This differing use of content is normal across our platforms, and such decisions are taken for purely editorial reasons.

Twitch just passed MSNBC and CNN for January viewers

Tibbetts never should have died because Rivera never should have been allowed to live and work in this country for all those years. But she also resolved to expose just how abusive and thuggish the regime had become in attempting to snuff out the burgeoning democracy movement, along with any negative coverage of the government.

The initial report, based on one anonymous source, prompted a dramatic reaction in the financial markets, and the Dow fell more than points. But such reports required far more journalistic courage to air in the first half ofwhen so few knew of the brutality to which the regime had resorted, than now, when it is widely known.

The new show was branded with new graphics, and originally used the previous World Report theme music, although this was changed quickly to the World One music.

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South Africa is a mining country. I got into journalism to expose, not help conceal, wrongdoing, and I'm not willing to keep quiet about this any longer, even if it means I'll lose those payments.

CNN Today — [ edit ] At its start, the Asian edition ran for three and a half hours later reduced to just three hours and the European edition ran for three hours.

None of it was produced on US soil. He added, in a second message: But CNN's threat had the opposite effect to what was intended. But if you want to understand CNN as a force in news and the global flow of the news, you have to start with what CNN is — not on your television set, but on all the sets on the world where it plays, because that's the economic logic of the network … "What CNN as a company, or as a media empire is, is this international network that somehow gets accepted as this sort of professional, neutral, standard, baseline news service in a wide variety of markets from ruling family transactions to signing up cable partners and airports and hotel chains.

It's the same thing. Roughly two weeks after Lyon and her crew returned from Bahrain having witnessed pervasive brutality from the regime, Sobhani assured CNN readers in that article: It's that kind of logic. What follows are edited highlights based on a transcript that was supplied to Business Report.

ABC's decision to call its correction a "clarification" prompted immediate criticism. This is a man who wants reform … When he talks about reform, he really means it. He's now clarifying that saying, according to Flynn, candidate Trump asked him during the campaign to find ways to repair relations with Russia and other world hot spots.

These are challenges but I am confident that, as an industry, we will overcome them.

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Instead, at that meeting, Maddox, according to Lyon, went on the offense, sternly warning her not to speak publicly about this matter. And then after the election, the president-elect asked him to contact Russia on issues including working together to fight ISIS.

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