I want to become an ias officer

In fact, I too feel optional marks are a game changer and there is huge variance in marks. Job Satisfaction The police administration job provides great job satisfaction since you are directly dealing with the public.

For other services, a candidate must be either: Anjay was married last year. Routine work A person needs to develop some kind of routine, which would help him to focus for long hours and cover the entire syllabus within the available time.

In which format- electronic or paper? In IAS Prelims, some sections are easier to score than others and students should always aim to cover these sections first. While, knowledge can be accumulated from books and resources but lifestyle qualities like self-discipline, motivation, punctuality and others cannot.

Also, should practice linking thinkerstheir theories to current affairscase studies, other thinkers and Indian administration.

Nirish refused to give up and planned to take the exam a fourth time. Shuchita means pure, simple and honest. With a fear and confusions he gave his preliminary exam.

Who can forget the Delhi Gang rape case of which shaken the country? Friends betray To prepare for the civil service examinations, Nirish moved to Uttrakhand with friends.

A big house is also given to him with gardeners, cooks and house helpers by the government.

How to become an IAS officer after completing 12th with Commerce?

Now the basic pay of entry-level IAS officers is Rs. Popularly known as ustaad in the village for his hand-to-hand combat style aiming to hold the opponent down against the floor in the Akharas, Virendra, a father of three sons and a daughter, had lived with only one dream — to give his children an education.

Though the private sector may offer better packages, the list of candidates who leave their cushy job to enter public service for a lesser salary is not small. So, I would say, do no choose an optional just because it interests you, or you find it exciting to know about the subject — this can be done without writing 2 papers worth marks each on them.

How to become an IAS officer after completing 12th with Commerce?

Tough way starts now to become an IAS officer when he could not clear preliminary exams in first two attempts because he got no guidance about preparation. For example, if in a particular year the roster begins from 'a', then the first candidate on the roster will go to the Andhra Pradesh state cadre, the next one to Biharand then to ChhattisgarhGujarat and so on in alphabetical order.

Food security, energy security, water security,technological self-reliance as a part of security objectives, Disaster Management including natural and man made disasters.

This Quora User’s Journey Into NOT Becoming An IAS Officer Is The Most Inspiring Thing You’ll Read

While recounting her difficult days, Sandeep, a civil engineer, said: Most services see IAS officers come from outside and intrudes in the main administration domain.Did you always want to be an actor? No,I wanted to become an IAS officer as I was a very good student. Your first break.

It was a TV show called ‘Aryan’. How did you bag this film?

What should I do to become an IAS officer?

I got this role courtesy all the commercials that I had done. The casting director was already aware of my work. The IAS mission is to help the marketing communications industry in Singapore shape its future (innovate) and enable it to take a Global leadership role.

I want to become an IAS officer: Naina Jailswal

Home» Uttar Pradesh» My life has changed after I was raped by Asaram Bapu, I want to become an IAS officer now, Now, I will become an IAS officer so that I can teach a lesson to such people. However getting into IAS is not easy, infact you have to earn an IAS.

UPSC Result 2016

The IAS exam is a paper-pen based competitive exam ie. CSE (Civil Service Examination) held every year. Dec 28,  · If you want to become a IAS officer, then for this you have to apply for UPSC Civil services examination and after clear this examination, you will become IAS Officer.

The exams are held on 2 stages - Preliminery exams and mains. If you want to become an IAS Officer you have to appear for the UPSC Civil Services Exam which happens in 3 stages. The Prelims sometime in May, then the Mains Exam and the In terview. For more.

I want to become an ias officer
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