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White House web site, retrieved from: This would provide justification for the allocation of the overhead costs on pharmacy supplies revenue. In the case of U. In each instance, costs are determined to help management make better decisions for the company or agency Business and Finance, And how this cost allocation can affect the decision making of the company.

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The ability to transform a raw material into the final product, whatever the final product may manifest, is unavoidably connected with a cost. There are different methods of depreciation available.

Cost Allocation for Decision Making

Incremental costs measure changes in output, e. The first stage in the allotment of the factory overheads costs to production costs centers is o collect and classifies factory overhead costs to production and service cost centers.

The process involves identifying and linking the costs incurred with the cost objectives. This is also important for manufacturing companies who need to cost the resources required to complete their products.

Purchase of raw materials, While for product costing a unit of output remains final. Definition of the object is based largely on the needs and circumstances of the organization.

The lower the cost of producing a product relative to the price customers pays for it, the greater the quantity of a product the company is willing to supply. E 4 Nonprofit organizations- A cost is allocable to a particular cost objective, such as a grant, contract, project, service, or other activity, in accordance with the relative benefits received.

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In costing a unit of product for, costs of production are assigned. This agency costs include the monitoring costs, bonding costs and residual loss.

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The decision-making process, is heavily relied on the information the company has received from the cost allocation process. Incremental costs measure changes in output, e.

Cost Allocation

Incremental costs change with the level of output produced. Under the current volume-based cost allocation method, problems including inefficient resource allocation, disincentive among employees and weakened financial performance exist.

The Dialysis Center will provide the same services for its patients, but with different location of the facility.Importance of accurate cost allocation Student’s Name University Affiliation Importance of accurate cost allocation Accurate cost allocation is a precise or exact allocation of the cost of resources in an organization including operational costs and all that makes it achieve the set goals.

Cost allocation is the process of identifying, aggregating, and assigning of cost to various separate activities. There is no overly precise method of charging cost to objects, hence resulting to approximate methods being used to do so.

Amongst the approximation basis used includes square footage. Methods of Allocation Allocation of cost is a term used where the cost of an item is charged to a specific cost center without the need for any estimation procedure.

For example, the salary of a sales manager will be allocated to the. Cost allocation is an important issue in many companies because many of the costs associated with designing, producing and distributing products and services are not easily identified with the products and services that are created.

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KAI uses an inappropriate volume- based cost allocation method that causes inefficient resource allocation, disincentive .

Cost allocation essay
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